Container Repair and Preparation



Our Specialist team of container repair technicians have extensive experience in all types of container repairs and refurbishment. From a simple hole to a major assembly replacement- our team can do it all.


All repairs are completed within 48 hours, major damage within 7 days.



  • Container Sea Bulk Preparation
  • Container Washing
  • All repairs are compliant with IICL standards
  • All parts used are imported directly from the manufacturer and are certified for container repair



Container Repair


Container Conversion


Our team of qualified container conversion staff can quickly turn a container conversion staff can quickly turn a container from an empty box into a bespoke office that is transportable and robust.


Depending on the type of conversion you require, we can usually provide you a finished office inside of three weeks from start to finish.


Container conversions are much more robust as an office unit than the standard portable cabins and will give many years of service.


Speak with our sales team who would be more than happy to quote you for the supply and conversion or simply the conversion of your own container.



Container Repair

Container Repair

Container Repair