Terminal Sales Representative


Job Description:
Essential Duties & Responsibilities:


• Development and safeguarding of IMA Core business & special projects and to ensure that sales team agents and related service providers are up to speed with the knowledge of handling the different customers with different commodities.
• KPIs (Meeting and exceeding), Achievement of planned changes, Improvements identified and executed, Budget Achieved.
• Manage and develop Sales and Support Team.
• Design the chain of supply to match customers’ budgets & demands.
• Overall responsible for Field Sales Team achieving sales targets and objectives.
• Establish strategic sales and marketing plans to advance company’s objectives.
• Plan, develop and implement corporate sales & marketing strategies to market the company products and services
• Create sales and marketing processes and procedures for all products.
• Negotiate with clients and service providers for frequency of services and rates.
• Responsible to get and up-date all approvals and contracts of authorities and service providers as per requirements of the operations.
• Responsible to deliver, implement and update Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) locally and at regional level if required.
• Keeps up-to-date with new developments in the field and coordinate the training.
• Provide consultancy recommendations to projects management and staff within the company to facilitate all projects “Inland Transport – Local and Long-haul / Container Terminal Servicers and storage “and the business development initiatives commencing from the bidding stage onwards.
• Monitor projects with respect to cost, resource deployment, productivity improvements, and manpower planning to ensure timely completion of project per agreed schedules.
• Manage interfaces with procurement management for placing local and overseas orders and with vendors for finalizing delivery terms and schedules for materials/equipment. Monitor and follow up with to ensure that materials and equipment are completed by the vendor.
• Outsource service providers and manage our owned trucks / third party agencies, ports, customs, subcontractors, carriers, handling agencies etc. to accelerate Shuttling of empty/full boxes between port and terminal / Dry/Reefer/OT/FR.
• Manage resources and interfaces with warranty survey providers &insurance agencies for regular declaration and reporting.
• Supervise negotiations with customs/excise authorities for obtaining mandatory approvals/clearances with respect to export/import operations. Ensure proper handling of import documentation as per prescribed rules and regulations.
• Manage supply and distribution operations entailing responsibility of General Cargo and Project Cargo Transportation from or to port including import/export, Reefer Pull out from Port to our terminal, plugged and monitored until ready for delivery to customer site
• Planning, liaise with various statutory authorities, and analyse progress & cost reports to track orders and apprise all concerned parties to optimize controlling time and costs and facilitate achieving projects’ plans.
• Advise on claims in the case of loss or damage to goods during shipment.
• Develop and manage vendor/sub-contractor relationship.
• Locate suppliers and service providers; set up evaluation criteria; chartering procedures and terms; generate and approve RFQ, RFP, POs; negotiate, and close deals.
• Post contract management; requisitions, variations and change orders; evaluate progress; verify& approve invoices; from suppliers and subcontractors.
• Formulate effective strategic plans to enhance logistics operations applying best practices for minimizing wastages and inventory costs for meeting the budgetary structure. Introduce cost reduction initiatives to generate significant savings from bidding stage till completion of project execution.
• Conducted feasibility studies for all projects & sales pipeline leads that require special handling and conclude appropriate methodology from source from start till installation & secure the business.
• Plan and oversee implementation of safety norms and practices and organize regular training to team members for to handle the projects in all the aspects. Ensure projects meet the health, safety, and environment requirements thereby protecting the interests of the company and managing costs efficiently.
• Initiate Requests for Quotation (RFQ’s) to various services providers, scrutinize quotation evaluate offers and approve bids tabulations.
• Negotiate & conclude agreements/ contracts with freight service providers, transporters
• Lead key decision making and influencing concentrating communications and negotiations to improve participation of future partners for effective performance providing safest, fastest and most cost-effective solutions in a profitable and smooth manner.
• Mitigate exiting service capabilities through constructive communication with all concerned parties inside & outside the organization.
• Improve the team negotiation skills through more exposure to wider network and relationship with all business partners and better utilization of available facilities.
• Preferably Saudi National


If interested, please send your CV/resume to with “Terminal Sales Representative applicant” in the subject line.